Virtual Fireside Chat
AI/NLP Applications in Healthcare

Positioning AI in Oncology Informatics for Success

A virtual discussion of new developments in AI and how they may be impacting healthcare.

Discussion Topics:

AI technology has won the spotlight in 2023, driven by the impressive progress made by LLM and GPT models. The future looks bright, and everyone seems to have joined the momentum of applying AI and NLP tools to solving all kinds of problems.

Of course, AI and NLP are not new to healthcare, and especially to the realm of oncology informatics. Such technology has been applied to improve productivity or remove obstacles in cancer registry, clinical trials, and other areas for years. What has changed? Has AI finally become a mainstay in oncology informatics? How can we ensure we get the outcomes and returns on our investment that we aim for when we embark on implementing AI across our organizations?

Our virtual panel of distinguished industry experts with decades of experience in AI discussed important topics such as:

  1. Defining the scope of AI for oncology informatics.
  2. Discussing the need for AI in oncology informatics.
  3. Pinpointing the best use cases and the most applicable AI approaches for each use case.
  4. Identifying the key industry challenges and separating the hype from reality when it comes to AI.

Watch the Replay:

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