Virtual Fireside Chat
Diversity of Clinical Trials

Diversity Through Technology

Watch a panel of clinical researchers discuss the key challenges in ensuring greater diversity in clinical trials.

Discussion Topics:

Clinical trials are the foundation of modern medical progress, yet a persistent challenge remains: ensuring a diverse pool of participants. This lack of diversity can lead to skewed results and limit the applicability of clinical findings to different populations.

In a past survey, 70% of our respondents have claimed to seek to eliminate bias in pre-screening patients for clinical trials. Yet, it is a well publicized fact that less than a quarter of participants in clinical trials represent minority groups.

This enlightening fireside chat featured industry experts representing oncology and the clinical trials space from diverse angles. During this session, we focused on the key challenges in ensuring greater diversity in clinical trials and the role AI/NLP could play in setting a more level field.

Watch the Replay:



Laurie Smith

VP of Customer Success, Clinical Trial Matching,
Former VP, Clinical Research Services,
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Jose G. Trevino

Jose G. Trevino, II, MD, FACS

Chair of the Division of Surgical Oncology,
VCU School of Medicine
VCU Massey Cancer Center


Rajan Gopalakrishnan, MS

Director of Informatics and IT
University of Chicago Medicine CCC

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