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NLP in Pathology
Visualizing Data from Articles

The critical task of keeping abreast of AI advancements in Pathology

The body of publications on image analysis in pathology has been growing significantly over the past years:

Source: Search results on PubMed.gov for "image analysis AND pathology" (10/9/2020).

NLP establishes rapid and comprehensive connections between key terms to help us focus only on must-read articles. 

Inspirata's NLP engine is well positioned for mining vast volumes of available biomedical literature, which can help to understand complex trends in AI for pathology imaging.

Our team applied Inspirata's specialized NLP engine to articles on PubMed.gov that relate to image analysis in pathology. The extracted information can help identify areas of rich AI research as well as relatively under-represented topics.

Scholarly Articles with both Pathology and AI Concepts
Publications with Connection Weight Cutoffs

Visualizing our NLP analysis

To illustrate the potential of the extracted data, we created a set of interactive association maps that plot the relationships between various concepts extracted from the articles. We invite you to navigate our results to see the connections between pathology, image analysis and diverse topics, such as "Breast Cancer", "Gleason Score", "Feature Detection" or "Machine Learning".

We recommend exploring these maps in a desktop browser for optimal experience.

Interested in using Inspirata's NLP for your own pathology research?

Inspirata's NLP On Demand offering is optimized for key clinical use cases. Featuring rich oncology and general clinical data knowledge bases, its proven technology is used by the National Cancer Institute's SEER program to process millions of cancer reports, as well as by major healthcare institutions in the United States, Canada and Australia.

You may qualify for a free trial of our solution. Submit a short description of a use case for NLP in pathology, and our subject matter experts will get back to you with more information.


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