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Scalable Insights: From Diagnosis to Survival

Leveraging Digital and AI Technology Across the Oncology Organization

A virtual discussion on improving patient outcomes through solutions that scale across multiple departments

Discussion Topics:

Breaking Away from the Traditional Siloes

Hundreds of meetings with senior healthcare executives in 2021 have shown us a growing desire for digitizing and automating critical oncology workflows -- from diagnosis to case reporting, to cancer data abstraction, and even to matching clinical trials to cancer patients at the point of care.

Traditionally, clinical departments look to solve their immediate needs, focusing on point solutions with a relatively narrow scope. Technology vendors oblige this commercial interest by specializing in certain areas of workflow automation or oncology informatics. 

Forward-thinking healthcare executives recognize the limitations of such a siloed approach to automation. It is only when technology is scaled across as many departments as possible that the patient experience becomes truly transformed. Similarly, when technology-driven insights rise to the highest organizational level, the ROI on digitization and automation becomes positive.

Challenging the Status Quo

Inspirata is uniquely positioned to serve the digitization, automation, and informatics needs across the entire oncology organization. Possessing clinically optimized NLP and AI technology as well as long-standing, strong relationships with leading institutions, Inspirata can offer a portfolio of solutions that complement each other and can bring critical insights across departments to ensure the best treatment and outcomes for each cancer patient.

This virtual event brought together three key members of the Inspirata team, to discuss how Dynamyx, E-Path, and Trial Navigator can help healthcare institutions to achieve insights that scale across the entire oncology organization.

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Mark Lloyd, PhD, MSM

EVP & Founder, Inspirata
Head of Digital Pathology


George Cernile

VP of Engineering
General Manager, Inspirata Canada

Steve-Keresztes 1

Steve Keresztes, MD, MBA

Vice President
Head of Oncology Informatics

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