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Digital Pathology Workshop
Exclusive for Members of APC

Using Technology To Save Cost & Increase Revenue

Gain insights on how to overcome challenges during times of increased service pressure

Discussion Topic:

This is not a time of status quo. And we need to adapt to survive.

As we continue to grapple with the challenges of the COVID-19 world, many are wrestling with operational stresses while our financial pressures are mounting. We analyzed data from our own recent global survey, from published literature and by interviewing hospital leadership, pathology chairs and laboratory directors. We have observed several financial challenges as well as a few opportunities.

This workshop will describe how you can reduce specimen transport costs and load balance cases among distributed pathology groups. We will present evidence for remote working for frozen section, consensus conference, tumor board and primary diagnosis. We will demonstrate how technology can virtualize our faculty and extend our network of pathologists to meet the demand of the backlog of elective cases that are now beginning to fill our surgical centers.

While technology facilitates these efficiencies, we recognize the need for a creative financial model, closely tied to revenue, that will make these solutions a ‘must have’ for our departments’ bottom line.

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