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NLP On Demand
Automated Clinical Data Extraction

Extracting Data from Unstructured Text Is Inefficient

Clinical staff often dedicate up to 30% of their workday to that. Yet, overall satisfaction is low.

Technology appears to be underutilized, and data extraction remains largely manual:*

Only 9% Only 27%
Describe Their Process as
More Automated Than Manual
Are Using Natural Language
Processing (NLP)
Getting Started Is Easy as 1, 2, 3

The Clinical Case for NLP

NLP provides a comprehensive, fast, and automated approach to solving key issues with data in medical reports:

NLP_Extraction Greater Consistency
  • 99%+ Accuracy
  • 100% Reproducibility & Consistency
NLP_Workflow2 Better Workflow Efficiency
  • No tedious, manual labor associated with extracting clinical data
NLP_Insight2 Improved Medical Insight
  • Data-driven insights for research, quality improvement, and clinical decision support
Before Applying NLP After Applying NLP

Try It Risk Free Before Deciding

Inspirata's NLP Is Optimized for Clinical Use Cases

Unlike many generic NLP solutions on the market, Inspirata's solution features
rich oncology and clinical knowledge bases, finely tuned in conjunction with major
healthcare institutions in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Watch this short video to see how NLP On Demand is optimized for clinical projects:


Give NLP On Demand a Try, 100% Risk Free

Request a free trial to see if Inspirata's NLP On Demand service works for you.

Or purchase one of our premium packages.

* NLP Applications in Healthcare Survey by Inspirata | Responses collected in July 2020.

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