Virtual Fireside Chat
Automating Cancer Trial Matching

How Can Technology Improve Trial Matching Rates for Cancer Patients?

A virtual discussion of the current state of affairs in cancer trial matching, the rise of automation in that field, and return on investment considerations when implementing an automation solution.

Discussion Topics:

Hospitals are under pressure to enroll more patients into trials to speed up the discovery and approval of new medicines. This is especially relevant in the oncology space where medical breakthroughs can significantly improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Matching a patient to a relevant trial as early as possible is critical for success. Yet, due to the largely manual and cumbersome process, identifying clinical trials for a cancer patient takes on average 120 minutes. Consequently, only 35% of patients are evaluated for trials.* This may lead to negative impacts on both the patients and the cancer centers.

This virtual discussion features industry experts, representing oncology and the cancer trials space from diverse angles. The main topics include:

  • The Current State of Cancer Trial Matching: The panelists comment on insights from an ongoing benchmarking survey and provide their own perspectives on the challenges facing trial matching.
  • The Case for Automation: Additional findings from a recent survey support a conversation about the benefits for hospitals to invest in an automated cancer trial matching solution from the financial, reputational and social responsibility perspectives.
  • Introduction to Inspirata Trial Navigator: George Cernile from Inspirata and Courtney Hudson from Carebox explain how the partnership between the two companies leverages NLP/AI technology and condition-based matching algorithms to provide real-time information about trials matching patients' clinical and genomic profiles.

View the Replay:

* Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Benchmarking Survey by Inspirata | Responses collected in August 2020.

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