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IN-icon-cal March 21, 2024 | 4 pm EDT

Critical Missteps in Oncology Management: How Hospitals are Falling Short in Cancer Care and Research

From accessing more research funding to attracting and retaining top medical talent, many oncology departments could enhance their institution’s reputation and improve patient outcomes – but only if they avoid a series of common management missteps.

Designed for executives in the oncology space, this webinar will reveal the true cost of unoptimized processes on the success of oncology centers. With the help of two industry innovators, attendees will discover the most common pitfalls of oncology management and gain actionable advice that will help them leverage the untapped power of oncology data – to unlock operational efficiencies, increase financial stability and turn their hospital into a center of excellence.

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About the Speakers

Tim Masters

Tim Masters

Director of Product Management and Design, Inspirata

With a career spanning over 30 years, Tim has extensive expertise in oncology, radiology, cardiology, and healthcare informatics. His CIIP certification reflects his proficiency in managing, analyzing, and optimizing healthcare information systems and imaging technologies to enhance workflow efficiency and patient care delivery.

Ulysses Balis

Ulysses Balis

A. James French Professor of Pathology Informatics, Associate CMIO & Informatics Fellowship Program Director, University of Michigan

Ulysses is the A. James French Professor of Pathology Informatics at the University of Michigan, with additional roles as Associate Chief Medical Information Officer and Informatics Fellowship Program Director. His interest in a range of data-driven approaches to healthcare led his division to deploy all-digital diagnostic workflow in support of anatomic pathology.

Dinesh Pal

Dinesh Pal I. Mudaranthakam

Assistant Professor & Director of Research Information Technology, Biostatistics & Data Science, University of Kansas Medical Center

Dr. Mudaranthakam joined the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2012 after working for the pharmacy team at Cerner. He has been highly involved with data warehouse development for cancer and non-cancer research, as well as overseeing data management across different clinical trials spanning multiple study phases and building informatics teams that manage and oversee the university’s research system.


Leverage Clinical Data to Enhance Your Oncology Management

Most hospitals simply send their oncology data to state or federal organizations. But from tackling tumor registry backlogs to improving clinical trial matching, this data could be the key to fixing your most persistent operational inefficiencies.

Our panelists will discuss:


Tumor Registries

How to leverage data to fuel new groundbreaking research, secure new accreditations and improve overall patient care


Clinical Trial Patient Matching

Strategies to accelerate treatment, improve patient retention and access more funding for ongoing trials


Organizational Operations

Methodologies for increasing talent retention, reducing costs and becoming a center of excellence

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